Birds In Row You, Me, and the Violence

Birds In RowYou, Me, and the Violence
Three years into their career, Birds in Row arrive at the same emotional hardcore house built by genre trailblazers American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost and Modern Life is War, and currently occupied by bands such as Touché Amoré and Defeater. It's not that previous releases were of a different breed, but while the aforementioned current purveyors have critically acclaimed, crowning achievements (Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me and Empty Days & Sleepless Nights, respectively), Birds in Row didn't – until now. Granted, previous offerings by Birds in Row were quality material, they just weren't defining in the same way You, Me, and the Violence is. Though the majority of the album runs with a screamo-inflected, melodic hardcore sound, it's the times it doesn't that truly stand out. "Last Last Chance" is a twangy crooner; it's completely uncharacteristic of the album, but oddly fitting. The record ends on a high note, as "Lovers Have Their Say" swells, but never fully climaxes, giving listeners a chance to reflect on the masterpiece they just took in as the feedback takes over. (Deathwish Inc.)