Birds In Row Collected

Birds In RowCollected
Currently locked in a studio several hours outside Paris are an act milking their venom for a debut full-length for Deathwish Inc. While the scene lays in wait for this instalment of acrimony, Vitriol Records has released Collected, which gathers the first two EPs from Laval, France-based power trio Birds in Row. Ripping at the seams, it's the tattered and vandalised notebook of an act that restlessly sat in the same classes as This Flood Covers the Earth and Modern Life is War; it is a record full of ferocity that throws itself at the listener's face in angry, melodic bursts. Frontman Bart Hirigoyen puts it best on "Chat Noir": "Believe me, don't wait for a saviour." It seems that Birds in Row practice what they preach ― if the material on Collected is a taste of what's to come, they're well on their way to becoming hardcore saviours. (Vitriol)