Battles Dross Glop

BattlesDross Glop
Given that Battles are signed to Warp and have considerable credibility in the electronic world, it was inevitable that the dance-math fusioneers would release a remix album. In a similar fashion to Radiohead's TKOL RMX series, these remixes were released as limited edition twelve-inches and compiled on disc very shortly after for the non-vinyl crowd. In nearly every case, the remix version does justice to the original while taking the track to a completely different place sonically. In some instances, the remix is superior to the Gloss Drop version (i.e., Gui Boratto's reworking of "Wall Street"). The original intention of remixing, historically, was to take a track and tailor it for the dance floor and a couple of deeper, more headphone-oriented experiences aside — the Field's remix of "Sweetie & Shag" and Eye's crazed re-imagining of "Sundome" come to mind — Dross Glop achieves this amazingly well. For that reason alone the album might not appeal to some fans on the rockier side of the BTTLS fan base, but it's an excellent and highly creative release, drawing on a wide range of talent, all of whom work their individual magic with the tracks. It may even cause some serious EDM heads to appreciate Battles. (Warp)