Azealia Banks Complains She Can't Use Homophobic Slurs

Azealia Banks Complains She Can't Use Homophobic Slurs
In the last couple of years, Azealia Banks has feuded with a string of her peers on Twitter, and now the outspoken rapper is courting controversy once again. This time, she has posted a statement on Instagram to complain that she isn't allowed to use homophobic slurs.

The root of the issue, Banks claims, is that many people consider it acceptable for gay men to casually use the word "bitch," but it's not okay for her to use the word "faggot." This isn't the first time she has made similar claims — she defended her use of the F-word in early 2013 while feuding with Perez Hilton, although she did apologize to those who were offended by her language.

In her latest statement, she suggested that she wanted to use the slur against an "opponent," proving that old habits die hard, before writing that the word "bitch" is similarly damaging.

This has unsurprisingly provoked some divisive reactions in the comments, with many fans pointing out that neither word is acceptable. As the old saying goes, two wrongs don't make a right. Clearly Banks isn't surprised by these reactions; she pre-empted them by captioning the statement, "Azealia Banks is Homophobic 1."

This seems to be a response to Vice columnist Mitch Sunderland, who she feuded with on Twitter last weekend and targeted the "gay white media." Read both her Instagram rant and her Twitter spree below.

Azealia Banks is Homophobic 1.

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