Ango "What You Lose (3 Foot Walk)"

Ango 'What You Lose (3 Foot Walk)'
Late last year, Exclaim! toasted Montreal electro R&B musician Ango's online EP Another City Now for its "six slices of superior synth-funk," but physical media fans will get a chance to experience the record in the real world as this week marks its release on twelve-inch vinyl.

Down below you can sample the Azealia Banks collaborator's solo style of skittery drum samples, slightly distorted though smoothly sung musings and sensual '80s key blasts on EP highlight "What You Lose (3 Foot Walk)."

The vinyl edition of Another City Now is currently available through LuckyMe. If, however, spinning the black circle just isn't enough for you, the platter also comes with a download code for exclusive cuts "Still Searching," "Leave It to Me" and a Ruckazoid remix of EP number "Better for You" in case you wanted to head back to the digital world.