Ango Unveils Free 'Serpentine' Album

Ango Unveils Free 'Serpentine' Album
Ango landed on our radar with last year's Another City Now EP, and now the Montreal-via-Halifax electro tunesmith has followed it up with his first full-length. Entitled Serpentine, it's available now as a free download from his website.

This ten-track collection finds Ango emphasizing his songcraft rather than his production skills. "The driving force behind the project was to experiment with new sounds, collaborate with other producers and to further establish myself as a vocalist and songwriter as much as a producer," he said in a statement.

Among the contributors are Jacques Greene, Kuedo and more. A press release notes that "the album radiates a certain soundtrack feel -- like a Wong-Kar-wai film dipped in R&B, synth pop, and fuelled by UK house beats."

This cross-genre collection is said to be "loosely a concept album," with lyrical themes including "lies, secrets, temptation, metamorphosis, seduction, and death."

Scroll past the tracklist to watch a disorienting video from the R&B-tinged electro cut "Paralyzed" and download Serpentine for free from Ango's website.


1. The Lie
2. Aquaphobia
3. Make it Count
4. Really Really
5. True Blue (prod. by Jacques Greene)
6. Paralyzed (prod. by Prison Garde & Eames)
7. Out Of Your System (prod. by Kuedo)
8. Anchor (prod. by Numan)
9. Losing You (prod. by Mike Din)
10. Woman, Get Out of My Life