Another City Now

> > Nov 16 2011

Ango - Another City Now
By David DacksAnother City Now proceeds the way an EP should; it's a quick jaunt through six slices of superior synth-funk with a dub-y little coda. This is exactly the kind of running time (24 minutes) that doesn't overstay its welcome. Montrealer Ango (aka Andrew McPherson, not to be confused with Eccodek's main man) is a capable vocalist, certainly no better or worse than so many emo-soul purveyors at the moment. There's a fair bit of Weeknd-y vocal Melisma, with "What You Lose" being particularly close. The production of the EP raises the mood and quality several notches. Swirling together R&B, hip-hop, pop and a few tropical shades, the beats are always entertaining, if tending towards hyperactive. It all comes together at its best in the downshifted "Better For You." Ango brings more than enough originality to disprove any claims of bandwagon-hopping, plus ultimately convincing soulfulness, which is what keeps the listener coming back for more.
(Lucky Me)
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