Agoraphobic Nosebleed Altered States of America

Leave it to the not-even-remotely-sane fellows in Agoraphobic Nosebleed to release a 100-song, three-inch mini-disc on April Fool's Day. Surprisingly, this is no novelty one-off though; it actually sounds pretty similar to their last full-length, just with a lot of four-second songs instead of 45-second songs. It's incredible what these noise terrorists can cram into four seconds, running the gamut here from ludicrous noisecore to technical grind; pummelling sludge to mind-bending soundscapes. The trademark drum machine is still there, propelling this totally disturbing release along with twists and turns, extreme amounts of BPM and impressive technical fills. The song titles are a real laugh, continuing A.C.'s legacy just fine, and the lyrics to the whole deal are included as well. Don't let the seemingly humorous concept fool you: this is 20 minutes of totally deranged futuro-grind, quite serious in its delivery and totally lethal in execution. (Relapse)