Zero 7 Simple Things

Now that Air doesn't sound like Air anymore, it's time for a new duo to step up to the podium, but don't call them the British Air. Zero 7 are two blokes who make blissful, groove-based music for the soul. After a lovely, choir-full remix of Lambchop's "Up With People" last year, and a handful of others in the past (Radiohead, Lenny Kravitz), this two-piece have unleashed their own effort, Simple Things. Comparisons to Air would be too lazy, because Zero 7 has a lot of soul to spread through their music, whereas Air seemed more about pop. The album begins with "I Have Seen," a song that sounds like David Holmes last album, with valium instead of ketamine. Singer Mozez drags his vocals to the most relaxed point possible to match the mellowed out strings. Upcoming single, "Destiny," with vocals by Sia Furler and Sophie Baker, leans towards the boundaries of Sade's latest, as it drips with smooth hip-hop beats and plenty of sex. Most of the album is reminiscent of Stevie Wonder's most tranquil moments, Aim's brand of slow hip-hop and Burt Bacharach's brassiest moments. Zero 7 are not interested in being hailed as the British or next Air, and once you listen to this record, you can see why Zero 7 are in a group of their own. (Ultimate Dilemma)