Zero 7

Simple Science

Zero 7Simple Science
Sometimes four songs can pack quite the punch, and that's exactly the case with Zero 7's new EP, Simple Science. However, this double-vinyl release is a major departure from Zero 7's usual ambient, low-key feel; Simple Science is an upbeat, slightly trance-y collection with frosty pop vocals. Sounds strange, but the British duo make it work, mostly because the one thing that hasn't changed is the hypnotic pull of Zero 7's otherworldly sound.

The EP's title opening track embraces an ethereal keyboard flow paired with a bubbly house vibe, while "Take Me Away" is a straight up downtempo, electronica number. "Everytime" is where the trance starts to kick in, but it's not heavy trance; it's the form of trance that gives the chill sensation of floating in space. "Red Blue & Green" is the EP's slowest track, employing a delicate bass-line that teeters on the border of glitch and house. (Make Records)
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