Young Thug Is Holding a Guitar Upside Down on His New Album Cover

Young Thug Is Holding a Guitar Upside Down on His New Album Cover
This week, Young Thug will finally deliver his long-awaited "singing album." Previously known as Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls, the album's title has been shortened to Beautiful Thugger Girls, and the performer has shared the above cover art to coincide with the release.

There's a lot to take in from the image, including a room full of disembodied mannequins, candles and ropes. It's clear that someone's been doing some freaky shit in here. Perhaps the most depraved behaviour of all, however, comes from Thugger himself. After all, the performer is attempting to play an upside-down guitar.

Any rudimentary guitar player will note that the acoustic on display here is being incorrectly held, with the high E string on the top rather than on the bottom where it belongs. And while Thug is well-known as a left-handed celeb, the guitar would usuall be restrung in order to be playable in this way.

Of course, Young Thug's misuse of a guitar as a prop is hardly new in the rap community. Rae Sremmurd were not exactly convincing guitarists in their "Black Beatles" video, and Lil Wayne's two-note guitar solos are avant-garde masterpieces in the worst possible way. Then there's Lil Yachty, who recently rapped about blowing a cello.

Beautiful Thugger Girls arrives on Friday (June 16). Here's hoping the album doesn't have any awful upside-down guitar sounds on it.

UPDATE: As many passionate left-handed guitarist readers have pointed out, it is in fact possible to play a guitar this way, albeit much more difficult than re-stringing the guitar with the low E on the top. So perhaps Young Thug really can play guitar in this manner, though that's still up for debate.