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Young ThugJeffery
Ever since he stepped on the scene, Young Thug has been classified as a rapper who sings. On Jeffery, that's no longer true; he's a singer who raps. Try as he might, Thugga can't rap more than a few bars here before the melody overtakes him. He's got a song in his heart, and he just has to let it out.
So how is Young Thug as a singer? Technically, not great. He has a range of not quite an octave. But then, tons of celebrated singers have been technically mediocre, and Thug really makes the most out of the seven notes he has. It's impossible to hear him get all guttural on "Harambe" and not feel it in your stomach. "RiRi" may well go down in history as the greatest sex jam of the millennium, while "Pick Up the Phone" is a legit anthem for the broken-hearted anywhere, its weird seapunk, easy listening beat a work of sheer genius.
Sing your truth, Thugga. It's fucking beautiful. (Atlantic Records / 300 Entertainment)
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