Young Jeezy Trap or Die II (By Any Means Necessary) Mixtape

Young Jeezy <i>Trap or Die II (By Any Means Necessary)</i> Mixtape
If you're sick of waiting for Young Jeezy's upcoming Thug Motivation 103, good news: the Memphis MC is giving us something to tide us over. This week, Jeezy dropped Trap or Die II (By Any Means Necessary), the mixtape follow-up to his classic Trap or Die.

The mixtape is hosted and produced by Jeezy cohort Don Cannon, and you can download it for yourself over here

To let us know a bit about where he's coming from on this one, Jeezy dropped this sweet-ass quote on MTV News: "To me, I wanted to do Trap Or Die II because I'm still trapping or dying. Everyday is a hustle for me. Ain't nothing guaranteed. I gotta get up and get it like I been doing since I was 13 years old. Because I'm doing bigger tours, the album is coming - that don't mean I'm not trapping or dying or that ain't where my mind frame is at. You gotta feed the streets first. That's who gonna rock with you, win, lose or draw. Whether you riding or walking."

Thug Motivation 103 is due out on June 22.