Young and In the Way Break Free of Their Comfort Zone for Deathwish Debut

Young and In the Way Break Free of Their Comfort Zone for Deathwish Debut
The cover of Young and In the Way's When Life Comes to Death is simple but menacing. In contrast to many visually intricate album covers, it features a tattooed hand brandishing a threatening knife, with the only indication to the band being a small tattoo of their logo. The group, who requested to be referred to as a collective, tell Exclaim!, "Less is more. This seemed to be an approach we had in multiple aspects of creating this record."

These lesser aspects certainly aren't audible in the blaring blackened crust that comes forth from the speakers, nor the self-production job that enables it. "In our realm of music, we have no boundaries. There is no telling where things could go in the future," say the band. "During our process we remind ourselves to get out of our comfort zone. This yields the best results for us and can be attributed to our progression."

This progression began in 2009 and the evolution has resulted in releases on A389 Recordings, Antithetic, Headfirst! and now Deathwish Inc., who contacted Young and In the Way in April 2013, at which point they were already working on When Life Comes to Death.

The North Carolina group describe their new partners as "a record label that supports bands by helping them be the best possible version of themselves." In the case of Young and In the Way that means continuing to isolate themselves from outside forces during the creation of albums. Despite the increased clout and pull a bigger label could enable, they insisted on doing it themselves.

"Producing and recording our own albums gives us total and complete freedom to explore and shape the final outcome of a record on our own terms. We never have to settle for anything we aren't 100 percent satisfied with. Reaching outside of our walls is unnecessary."

When Life Comes to Death is available now on Deathwish Inc.