Woods Bend Beyond

WoodsBend Beyond
Another year, another Woods record. The Brooklyn, NY crew have been pumping them out at a pretty steady clip lately, with each new album more polished than the last ― "polished" being a relative term in this case. Like kindred spirit Sonny Smith did with his latest, Woods's fifth (not including myriad cassette and seven-inch releases) adopts a laidback country vibe that mixes with the group's lo-fi folk and indie tunes. Bend Beyond abandons both the noise flourishes and psychedelic jams of the past to become the Woods' most song-based record to date. "Cali in a Cup" and "Is it Honest" are two of the catchiest tunes the group have produced to date, the band channelling the sound of '70s Laurel Canyon through an eight-track in a Brooklyn Apartment. Rather than make giant artistic leaps every few years or so, Woods are content to push forward incrementally, showering fans with material that nonetheless gets better every record. (Woodsist)