Weekend Nachos Apology

Weekend Nachos Apology
Weekend Nachos have never been a band to tread lightly when it comes to their gripes, whether it's with the state of the world, the punk scene or anything in between. Following the announcement of their breakup by the end of 2016, the band stay true to form with their swansong, Apology, unleashing 13 songs of crushing, utterly vitriolic powerviolence that take no breaks or prisoners.
Opener "2015" sets the pace for the rest of the record, riddled with howling feedback and constantly shifting between straightforward blasts and trudging slams. The second half of the song degenerates into a gurgling, ominous bass line before morphing into a fully fleshed out, absolutely punishing two-minute breakdown. The arrangement of similarly heavy cuts like "Dust" and "POW MIA" follow suit. The jarring stops and complex structuring accentuate the powerful moments of the songs, adding weight to moments of intensity.
John Hoffman refuses to mince words with his pointed, sometimes self-loathing lyricism on tracks like "Judged," "Writhe" and "Dog Shit Slave," laying into everything from unethical business practices to the entitled, holier-than-thou attitudes and complexes that arise within punk circles. "World Genocide" addresses the forthcoming collapse of humanity, tapping into feeling of deep existential horror and heaping nihilism atop the already dismal and angst-ridden atmosphere of the record.
Closing out on the title track, which runs almost a quarter of the album's length, Weekend Nachos wrap up the set with a slow-burning instrumental piece that eventually introduces melancholic piano melodies courtesy of Mike Kinsella; then, it all transforms into a titanic final breakdown.
Weekend Nachos have always been amongst the most critical and poignant voices in modern hardcore, and with Apology, they've cemented their legacy and gone out with a bang. (Relapse)