Virus Nine

What Are You Afraid Of?

Virus NineWhat Are You Afraid Of?
These North Western "oiĒ punks are all about unity, boots íní braces and booze. So itís not as if thereís anything groundbreaking here. Even though much of the material is something of a throwback, itís interesting to see a new generation of kids taking up the "Punks and Skins,Ē "united and strongĒ thing. Of course it gets a little dumb at times, with lines like "Do you remember 1985? Seeing all the skinheads standing tall with pride,Ē from "The Boner Boys,Ē a nod to their skinhead forefathers, the 4 Skins. Musically, this is chock full of anthemic sing-along punk thatíll get you riled up and perfectly complement a nightís worth of drinking and brawling. (A-F)
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