The Vasts

Tearing Us Apart

The VastsTearing Us Apart
The Vasts don't waste time letting listeners know what they're about: seconds into opening track "Revolution," the Montreal sextet kick things off with a delicate blend of keyboards, percussion and strong, melodic trumpets, bringing the sounds of the Wild West to today's indie rock landscape.
The songs are all fully realized, with robust arrangements including trumpet and banjo that contribute to each tune's different flavour. Nicolas Carette's soft vocals occasionally fade into the background amongst the expansive instrumentation, but they do take a solid stand in the chorus of "So Good," providing a solid hook to latch on to. "Pretty" and "So Good," meanwhile, live up to their titles.
An incredibly promising debut from a talented group, Tearing Us Apart blends many sonic elements into a compelling record. Though by no means the only indie rock band weaving trumpets into their sound, they stand tall among their contemporaries with their strong melodic lines. (Independent)
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