Various Perfecto Chills, Vol. 1

As the album title alludes to, Perfecto Chills is the perfect chill-out, down-tempo comp for the after party. You’ll find some great remixes from the superstar talents of Nelly Furtado, Coldplay, Miguel Migs and Rae & Christian. As a two-disc set, Perfecto Chills offers some great diversity in its sound and lyrics; however, it is undeniably a mood album. This is not a pick-me-up CD — its tone could adversely bring-you-down but keeping that in mind, Perfecto Chills has its time and place. Comp albums are never an easy task, especially in this genre of music, but all is not lost on Perfecto Chills as it is good enough to listen to, but given the specificity of its prospective listeners, you’ll be torn on its durability as a to be continued volume series. Perfecto Chills, Vol. 1 just might be enough of a downer to handle. (Thrive)