Various Bad Gurrlz

Things aren’t all bad but it sure can feel that way when the only good thing you can say about an album is its cover. Great cover! Ok, all hope for the future is not completely lost on Bad Gurrlz. I mean there is a sustainable theme from each non-stop track to the next but the droning sound to this album is enough to turn any innocent school gurrl into a mad gurrl not a bad gurrl. There’s probably a specific niche market this CD is directed towards — would they please stand up! Bad Gurrlz is such a bizarre LP you really would like to know who its market is. It has been said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure; in this case, one man’s bad gurrl could also be another man’s date from hell. With music selection by Melle Fresh and mixing by Smuttmachine, Bad Gurrlz will definitely make the list as one of the most interestingly non-important electronica releases of the year. (Play)