Useless Eaters

Bleeding Moon

Useless EatersBleeding Moon
In 2008, Useless Eaters started as a one-man project in Memphis, where self-taught musician Seth Sutton grew up. He left high school to pursue his passion for punk and hasn't wasted much time, having toured with Jay Reatard, put out a plethora of releases and lived in Nashville, Toronto and Germany before settling in San Francisco.

Like 2011's Hypertension, Bleeding Moon continues to deliver retro garage punk goodness, but it sounds more sure of itself. The Clash, Devo and Wire still manifest musically, and in Sutton's snarl, occasionally with a British accent. "Retro Hoax" is littered with sharp, quick riffs. The blues-scale groove on "Sitting on the Fault Line" sounds like a fiercer version of early Arctic Monkeys and the spazzy "Aftershock" feels like a punk take on the Normal's "Warm Leatherette."

The album has the quality of a live recording, wobbling around in your ears; power chord progressions are filled out with stuttering guitar diversions in the background (like on the well-chosen first single "Out in the Night") and disruptive note choices (the best parts of "Proper Conduct"). These well-placed moments of interference mix things up while reinforcing the punk attitude and aesthetic. (Castle Face)
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