Until the Ribbon Breaks

A Lesson Unlearnt

Until the Ribbon BreaksA Lesson Unlearnt
Former soloist and founder of Until the Ribbon Breaks Pete Lawrie-Winfield and accompanying members of his band have been slowly accumulating an attentive fan base, drawing the curious ears of the Internet with a steady stream of EPs, music videos and selected tracks. The eclectic debut album from the British trio sublimely combines choppy chunks of samples, drum tracks, laser synths and R&B moodiness for a product that contains all the attractive qualities of anything that could be deemed pop music and will no doubt satisfy the group's followers.

Lyrically, UTRB go beyond the typical aphorisms that pervade electronically tinted, radio-friendly music anyone with an FM signal has come to accept, including intensely romantic and occasionally subversive subject matter. On "Perspective," Winfield coolly laments that "the road to Damascus is under repair" going on to reveal that "I don't believe in heaven, but I do believe in holograms." The inspired futuristic flavour of UTRB's R&B is also accompanied by criticism of the present, as exhibited on "Revolution Indifference," a track that oscillates between Winfield's breathy vocals and Run the Jewels' poignant rhymes in which Winfield admits, "We never vote, you won't hang yourself if you don't choose a rope."

On A Lesson Unlearnt, the insights on love are articulated both from the position of the one being sought and the one seeking affection, offering an entry point for anyone who can identify with love's effects. From the rocking "A Taste of Silver" to the avant-garde "Orca" and R&B jam "Pressure," UTRB offers something for everyone. (Kobalt)
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