Unearthly Trance Electrocution

Criminally underrated NYC crust metal trio Unearthly Trance return with their fourth full-length and second since joining the Relapse roster. And as killer as their previous album (2006’s The Trident) was, the band still seem to be one of the most under-appreciated acts on the label. All of this should change with Electrocution, an eight-song effort that finds the band abandoning the marathon song lengths of earlier releases in exchange for more concise, direct songs. Having said that, there’s a Neurosis-like vibe on songs like "Diseased,” but they have accomplished it with more brevity than on past releases. A definite sleeper pick that hopefully more people will pick up on as the year progresses, the trio are at the top of their game here and deserve the same sort of accolades some of their roster mates have been granted. (Relapse)