Ufomammut Idolum

More thunderous dirge from a band that have neglected to take their seven-inch St. Vitus records off of 33 1/3 rpm when they should be on 45. Thick, lumbering riffs drone like the soundtrack of an impending blitzkrieg, meaning the majority of Idolum takes patience to get into but once Ufomammut warm up, their plodding amalgamation of stoner rock’s groove with the aggression of Neurosis and Mastodon-ish song structures is impeccable. And with tracks ranging in length from four minutes to almost 28, one can imagine the degree of dynamics, tempo changes, overriding samples and effects that are screwed into each open space. Slipping from an impenetrable wall of sound into reverb-laden, haunting bridges and back again, Idolum (apparently Latin for both "ghost” and "idea”) is the perfect moniker for such an enduring assault on our aural sensibilities. (Supernatural Cat)