U2's The Edge Pisses Off Malibu Neighbours

U2's The Edge Pisses Off Malibu Neighbours
It's safe to say U2's the Edge isn't the most well-liked man in Malibu these days. According to a report from L.A. Weekly, the guitarist has residents in an uproar over his plans to build five homes across 1,000 acres of land, leading to complaints that this supposed environmentalist has evicted a long-standing archery club, put the environment and surrounding wildlife at risk, and hopes to level an entire mountain, among other things.

According to resident Candace Brown, the Edge is spearheading a self-serving development that will have a detrimental affect on the ecosystem, as well as create an eyesore with what she calls "McMansions."

"They evicted the archery club, which was an institution in Malibu," Brown told the newspaper, adding that the Edge has dug a 15-foot trench "the size of three football fields," which has reportedly trapped wildlife such as deer and fox.

Another resident, Jim Smith, said: "Two years ago, he pulled up outside my house and mentioned he was going to be my new neighbour. He was friendly and charismatic. I was happy knowing he was buying the land, as I assumed he would be sensitive to the environment - though that's not the case. He's not walking the walk of an environmentalist."

The Edge declined to comment.