Typhoon Il Motore, Montreal QC, September 25

Typhoon Il Motore, Montreal QC, September 25
Photo: Steve Louie
The Il Motore stage isn't particularly large, but it somehow managed to fit all 11 members of exuberant Portland, OR indie pop group Typhoon and their multitude of instruments, including two drum kits positioned at the front of the stage. Despite the onstage clutter, their sound was anything but; the band could have easily been a sloppy mess of unrestrained sound, but the members' onstage chemistry allowed them to craft a series of fine-tuned songs that swelled and soared with aplomb. The song's choruses always featured the band at their most enthusiastic, and their joyously shouted lyrics never failed to bring chills.

The band played the entirety of their newest album White Lighter, rarely diving into their back catalogue, although their performance of "Summer Home" from 2011's A New Kind of House was a notable standout. Thanks to the band's trumpet and violin sections, their songs stayed engaging and fluid, and the choreography of the band's two drummers was always a treat to watch, especially during the introduction of their second song, "Artificial Light."

The tunes were a spectacle, both visually and sonically, and no single instrument overpowered the others; all the songs' intricacies were easily broadcast. These, plus the husky timbre of lead singer Kyle Morton, factored into the success of Western rocker "Dreams of Cannibalism" and sombre main set closer "Post Script." While older fans of the band were visibly displeased with the lack of attention paid to their earlier material, the band proved with their set that their new tunes are nothing to overlook, and that the album is successful in a live setting.

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