Type O Negative World Coming Down

Type O Negative’s new album, World Coming Down, may take many by surprise. Long time fans that were disenchanted with Type O’s continuing evolution from a more hardcore/sludge metal act, to a more gothic/sensuous unit will probably rejoice at the downtuned gloom here, while converts from Bloody Kisses (1993), and the more romantic October Rust (1996), may not be prepared for the negativity Type O are capable of creating. Keyboardist/producer Josh Silver agrees. “I think the material on World Coming Down lends itself to a really dark feeling.” While some are hailing this album as a return of sorts, and the album that should have succeeded Bloody Kisses, Josh’s opinion is that of a different sort. “I think World… is the natural progression from October Rust, each album seems to be a reflection of where the band is mentally at that point and time, and this album is a very dark album because we’re in a bad mental state at this point in time. Unlike most bands, were not going to tell you that we’re going to sell ten million albums, were just going to tell you how we feel and suffer the consequences.” Type O have always suffered for their art, being called Nazis (Josh is, incidentally, Jewish), women haters, being boycotted, picketed and tormented throughout their distraught beginnings and thriving despite it. Strangely, Josh doesn’t see any real change between Type O Negative then and now. “We’re still infantile, so I don’t think we’re growing up — maybe a little maturity in fleeting moments. We know what we are, we know that we are four assholes and we just carry on that way and there is really nothing to fear, so if that’s your philosophy, worry not.” (Roadrunner)