The Twilight Sad No One Can Ever Know

The Twilight SadNo One Can Ever Know
Dovetailing nicely with S.A.D. season, the third full-length release from Scotland's the Twilight Sad maintains the outfit's trademark gloom and singer James Graham's emotive brogue, but wisely swaps opaque guitars for moody synthesizers. Reenergizing the band after a lackluster sophomore effort, the move has led to an atmospheric, assured and largely compelling record. Leadoff track "Alphabet City" is disconcertingly intimate, its claustrophobic synths encasing Graham's vocals. "Don't Move" is awash in seesawing keys, producing an appropriately creepy, though nevertheless enthralling, stalker's anthem. And the pleasantly titled "Kill It in the Morning" ratchets up the suspense before finally letting Graham quash it with a bellowed coda. The finest moments come from opposite ends of the spectrum with the darkly pretty "Sick" ― all detached drum machines and winding guitars ― and the upbeat, New Order-evoking "Another Bed," demonstrating the three-piece's versatility and confidence without destroying the prevailing tone. (Fat Cat)