True Widow Circumambulation

True WidowCircumambulation
There are various emotions that we all understand. Anger, sadness, happiness — these are feelings we have all experienced and have a relative context of understanding. Then there are the emotions that are almost impossible to comprehend. Melancholy, contentment, bliss, euphoria, awe, these emotions are far more difficult to define. True Widow's newest album, Circumambulation, does a brilliant job of expressing the network of confused and sometimes dark emotions that make us human. Instrumentally the album is incredibly simple as droning guitars and steady drums transition from one song to the next. Yet, it never feels repetitive or stale as the calm musical current seats the haunting vocals of Dan Phillips and Nicole Estill. While sometimes trading off on lead vocals between songs, it's the duo's harmonies that resonate and create an atmosphere devoid of any understanding or logic; like wandering through a forest of shadows in search of light. (Relapse)