Translator EDM

Translator EDM
What is it?
An abbreviation of Electronic Dance Music used as an umbrella term incorporating techno, house, dubstep and all electronic club music. Sometimes specifically used to describe the new wave of arena-filling producers like deadmau5 (pictured) and Kaskade. It's electronic? You can dance to it? Then it's EDM.

Who's doing it?
Everyone from Skrillex to Azari & III, retrospectively applied to acts like Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk through dubstep, jungle and all the way back to house and techno.

Where should I start?
Whatever genre of EDM takes your fancy or go to its beginnings with Frankie Knuckles and Juan Atkins.

What's next?
In the '90s we had IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). Now we have EDM. Maybe they'll amalgamate into EM. Or maybe we should just forget the whole thing and just be into M.