Torche Harmonicraft

Certain bands are blessed with the ability to get substantially better and better with each consecutive release, and Miami's Torche are one of them. Harmonicraft is the group's full-length follow-up to 2008's acclaimed Meanderthal, and they've once again surpassed expectations, while distancing themselves from the realm of stoner and sludge metal to more of a spacey doom-pop sound. Self-produced and mixed by Converge's Kurt Ballou, Harmonicraft is filled with catchy hooks and pop melodies, as well as progressive, atmospheric rhythms. "Letting Go" is a lively, upbeat opener and Torche keep the momentum going with the poppy, yet heavy, "Kicking." "Reverse Inverted" features some of the band's sludge influences, while "Sky Trials" mixes things up again with some animated, fast-paced guitar shredding, which is even more intense with the addition of second guitarist Andrew Elstner. Throughout, frontman Steve Brooks' vocal harmonies are inspiring, phenomenal counterparts to the music's intricate melodies, which is one of their strongest attributes. While Torche are a difficult band to categorize ― call them doom-pop, melodic hard rock or what have you ― they create innovative, skilful and intelligent music that's ahead of its time, yet somehow also nostalgic and instantly addictive.

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