Time Kills Everything Time Kills Everything

I know very little about this Quebec-based grind band, but when a CD containing eight songs in ten minutes showed up it most definitely caught my eye, as did the news that they are going to be releasing a split CD with cool Brazilian grinders Siege of Hate. Basically, Time Kills Everything is the project of Fuck the Facts guitarist Topon Das, along with Matt Friesen and Malefaction’s Mike Klassen, put together individually and, thanks to the wonders of Canada Post, melded into one. I’m liking the sounds I’m hearing here quite a bit; bordering on humorous grindcore yet totally, ragingly serious (think Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and sound-wise you’re not too far off either), these short bursts of speedy grind and fast punk are delivered with lyrics that range from sort of funny to pissed off to thoughtful and even poetic, oddly enough. Hard to tell where they’re coming from, or what they even are; for example, I think that’s a drum machine but it could just be ultra-triggered drums. Either way, it all sounds good to me, and the short playing time works nicely for such a beautiful headache. A Canadian band to keep an eye on, for sure. (Capital Kill)