Tim Kinsella Leaves Make Believe, Works On New Joan of Arc Album, Likes His Wife A Lot

Tim Kinsella Leaves Make Believe, Works On New Joan of Arc Album, Likes His Wife A Lot
Never one to limit his projects, be it with the late Cap’n Jazz, Owls, under his own name, or even more well-known, Joan of Arc, Tim Kinsella has decided to leave Make Believe after four years. It’s a good news/bad news scenario though, as Kinsella has announced he’s working on a new JoA album. No word has been given yet as to whether Make Believe will continue.

Here’s the "Dear John” he left on Joanfrc.com:

"A couple weeks ago I came to the difficult decision that it was time for me to leave make believe. Our two shows later this month will be my last with the band.

This is not something I rushed into, but something I had been considering for a long time and now seemed the right time to do so.

The new record is written and it sounds great to me, I have been very excited about the songs and have put a lot of work into getting my contributions for them together. But I know once the record is recorded I would be miserable if I had to go on tour and continue the rock band lifestyle which I have felt less and less connection to for a long while now.

I really like my wife a lot. And puttering about the house making weird stuff all day means everything to me. And I feel a strong sense of community at home that means a lot to me and though I know I have been very lucky to have had the opportunities to travel, I really enjoy leaving Chicago less and less all the time.

Being a sort of bizzaro David Lee Roth or whatever is kind of fun, and fulfilling in some sort of way, but not something I have it in me to prioritize enough to commit the time to that the band would require of me. And I don't want to let my friends down and hold them back from doing what they want to be doing. By leaving the group now, while the songs for the new record are still in pliable forms, they can finish the record without me and then be able to tour in support of it and continue onward in whatever new form they come up with.

I have a pile of new songs to pull from for a new joan of arc record and am looking forward to having time to develop them in the fall, but I am also looking forward to taking my time and going into hermit-mode for awhile.

Thanks to everyone that helped make make believe a great experience.

It has meant a lot to me.


Make Believe in action