Thunder Bay Venue the Apollo Goes up for Sale

Thunder Bay Venue the Apollo Goes up for Sale
If you've ever dreamed about owning a storied Canadian music venue, this is your shot. The owner of the Apollo in Thunder Bay, ON, has put the building up for sale.

The venue is currently listed for $595,000 on Kijiji, with a note explaining that the owner is planning to retire. This 3,300-square-foot space in Thunder Bay includes a fully equipped bar and restaurant and a sound room. The capacity is 210, judging by a ReverbNation listing.

Over the years, the Apollo has hosted many touring bands who stayed in the adjoining rooms. Notably, Vancouver jangle-punk outfit Apollo Ghosts took their name from the venue.

In a 2012 interview, Apollo Ghosts frontman Adrian Teacher told !earshot, "I was on tour across Canada with another band in 2006. We played a bar in Thunder Bay called the Apollo. After the show, we stayed upstairs in the giant empty hotel. Each band member had their own room. It was full of old exercise equipment, sawdust, broken furniture, etc.

"I remember going to sleep and being totally convinced that someone was staring at me. I kept my eyes shut, though. I could feel something at the end of the bed watching me. In the morning, I wrote in my tour journal, 'Apollo Ghosts.' When I was looking for a band name for a new project, that was what got used."

According to the Kijiji ad, this would be "Perfect for an energetic entrepreneur."

Check out the listing here.