​Thom Yorke Visited Michael Stipe's Brooklyn Art Show

​Thom Yorke Visited Michael Stipe's Brooklyn Art Show
Thom Yorke is currently on tour with Radiohead, but on a day off from their four-night stint at Madison Square Garden, the singer made a trip to Brooklyn to visit R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe's new art exhibit.
Dubbed "Infinity Mirror" (not to be confused with "Infinity Mirrors"), Stipe's art show is inspired by his recent book Volume 1 — a photo collection detailing Stipe's life and work all the way back to his early 20s.
According the Williamsburg Journal Gallery, the photos on display frame the 1970s as "a formative decade through its cultural impact on his coming of age, and subsequently, the manner in which its influence informed the creative work he went on to create, both privately and as a public figure."
The collection will be at the gallery until August 12.
Stipe seemed pleased by Yorke's visit, sharing a photo of the pair holding hands in front of the exhibit, and calling him "the greatest ever."
Check out that photo below.

@thejournalinc thom the greatest ever dropped by the show

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