Think About Life Think About Life

"Party band” just about sums up Think About Life — a super-enthusiastic, super-positive party where everyone gets wild and crazy and takes digital pictures of themselves doing wild and crazy things. The Montreal band’s self-titled debut is a non-stop racket of extroverted lo-fi keyboard-driven pop. They sound slightly akin to Toronto neighbours Ninja High School but without the rapping (though rapper Subtitle does guest on "What the Future Might Be”), though just as often they sound like the built-in song samples on your keyboard with a lot of yelping over top. Not for cynics or wallflowers, Think About Life are upbeat and gregarious, more of an audience band than an art project or show of virtuosity. While those of us with contrarian tendencies dislike and avoid these vociferously "fun” bands, people who don’t fear the "fun police” (and they are kind of like the fun police) might get a kick out of this. It’s colourful and high-energy, though the band probably sound best playing live in some guy’s basement. If you’re unselfconscious and in constant need of stimulation, it’d be a good disc to have around, but if you’re of that disposition you might just throw it out after a few listens. (Alien8)