Theophilus London "Tribe" (ft. Jesse Boykins III) (video)

Theophilus London 'Tribe' (ft. Jesse Boykins III) (video)
Theophilus London delivers some serious grooves on his just-released Kanye West-produced album Vibes and now he's matched album cut "Tribe" with some visuals.

The track receives some help from Jesse Boykins III, while the video itself is a celebration of dance. It opens with London walking down the street reflecting on the importance of dance as an expressive outlet for his younger self. Declaring that he wants to "bring the artform alive," he proceeds to do just that.

Rocking some tight gold pants and joined by a team of dancers, London delivers highly stylized choreography against a stark white backdrop. It gets even more intense by the end, with his dancers forming a tree of human bodies as the background fades to black.

Vibes is out now through Warner Bros. and you can watch the video for "Tribe" below.