Thee Oh Sees Putrifiers II

Thee Oh SeesPutrifiers II
This is San Francisco, CA garage punks Thee Oh Sees' 14th LP and third in the last two years. Vocalist John Dwyer's unmistakeable high-pitched shouts continue to shine through heavily fuzzed-out bass and overall tonal distortion. There's a sonic difference this time, with song experimentation and a dive into psychedelic pop-rock territory (and even a track that's heavily Krautrock-inspired). Throughout Thee Oh Sees' discography, they've toyed with length and drawn-out guitar tricks that have vanished here ― each track clocks in at less than four minutes (with the exception of the six-minute closer). The psych-rock influence is highly pronounced in "So Nice," which is filled with lilting strings and accompanied by quirky lyrics. The strings are followed by organ in "Cloud #1," which provides an ambient break in the album. By the time fifth track "Flood's New Light" rolls around, the energy is back up and the noise-riddled garage punk returns with a heavy '50s, classic rock'n'roll feel. Fittingly, Dwyer has cited influences ranging from Scott Walker to the Velvet Underground for his latest work. The results are sporadic and schizophrenic, in the sense that it's hard to pinpoint a solid foundation within the album, and easy to get lost in its infectious melodies. (In The Red)