The Black Madonna He Is The Voice I Hear

The Black MadonnaHe Is The Voice I Hear
"He Is The Voice I Hear" is the first original production released by the Black Madonna since her Lady of Sorrows EP in 2013, and the first for her new label, We Still Believe. Made in collaboration with her studio partner Rupert Murray, "He Is The Voice I Hear" abandons disco's trademark heavily synthesized instrumentation in favour of organic instrumentation.
In pursuit of her dream to bring together a crack ensemble of live musicians, the Black Madonna privileges the sound of organic keys and strings as the record's driving melodic focal points. The record features live strings from Davide Rossi, and keys from Christoforo LaBarbera, the presence of which imbue the single with an orchestral sensibility that leans towards lounge-like jazz in the first minute of the track.
As number ten on Resident Advisor's Top DJs of 2016 poll, the Black Madonna is known for fluent and dynamic sets that encompass the expansive range between disco and techno, and this ten-minute epic maintains her affinity for fervent, well-paced joy throughout. It unravels organically, and delivers a satisfaction that demonstrates how, as a selector, technical proficiency can translate into creative composition. (We Still Believe)