The Avalanches "Colours" (ft. Jonathan Donahue)

The Avalanches 'Colours' (ft. Jonathan Donahue)
Following years of teases, false-starts and rumours, sample-happy Aussie outfit the Avalanches are finally about to release a new album. Their Wildflower arrives July 8, but they've streamed out the lush and hypnotic "Colours" ahead of time.

The track is backed with a basic drum beat but comes adorned in complex washes of mellotron, chimes, and, near the end, what sounds like the blissed-out chirrup of a chipmunk. Mixed in as well are various velvet tapestries of vocal work, including the sound of Mercury Rev leader Jonathan Donahue. The lyrics fantastically wonder what happens to mermaids once the bars all shut down for the night.

"I want to join you in the surf and float away," it's sung tranquilly.

You can sample the synesthetic pleasurescape of the Avalanches' "Colours" down below, while Wildflower hits stores July 8 via Astralwerks/Modular.