Testament The Very Best Of Testament

Hear me now! Any past, present or future fan of Testament should know that compiling a "Best Of..." for these Bay Area reprobates is simple: their first three albums. Case closed. However, it seems that the band did release an album or two after Practice What You Preach and guitarist Eric Peterson is trying really hard to convince himself that anyone gives a shit. Although I guess it was a huge step for the self-congratulatory Peterson, who appears to be the only member of the band to actually have any part in this, to admit that Souls Of Black was utterly awful, because he actually ignores that excrement-based platter altogether. Let's face it, "Best Of..." albums are either teasers for casual and/or potential fans, contractual obligations or cash grabs. Whatever the motivation here, it failed, as there's far too much focus on Testament's wayward years and not enough attention paid to when they were at their best and actually breaking ground on the '80s thrash scene. Just go buy The Legacy, The New Order and Practice... and end all debate. (Rhino)