Tei Shi

Verde EP

Tei ShiVerde EP
Last year, Valerie Teicher, a.k.a. Tei Shi, got a critical boost by covering one of the biggest pop stars in the world: Beyoncé. Her spot-on rendition of the slick Caroline Polachek-assisted "No Angel" (one of the more underrated cuts off of Beyoncé) not only attracted more interest in Teicher, but it also became a notable cornerstone in her evolving sound. Prior to that, Teicher had one release to her name, 2013's Saudade. It was an alluring collection of songs that showed promise, it but lacked dimension; with "No Angel," Teicher declared her intent to veer towards a bigger, more structured sound.
Teicher manages to do just that on her newest EP, Verde. Over the course of five songs, Teicher stretches her icy cool minimalism to new extents, covering everything from meditative chants ("Can't Be Sure") to vocal acrobatics ("Bassically"). The tracks here are composed and fluid, always slinking toward some climactic destination at the end of whatever path she takes. Take "Go Slow" for example: much like its name, the track features a steady build alongside a simple synth run that eventually blooms into a beautifully ornate finale. It's just one of many promises on Verde that Tei Shi will continue to expand her sound into new and exciting directions on releases to come. (Arts & Crafts)
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