Teethmarks Feral

Toronto, ON metallic hardcore punk warriors Teethmarks originally released their second EP, the four-track Feral, independently in July of 2012, but now the album is getting some additional exposure via a re-release from Toronto-based indie label Greyskull Records. These four quick, bright blasts make for a mercurial listen — the guitar tone is positively filthy, almost giving off a stench, which is complemented by vocalist Graham Christian's throaty, sputtering shouts. The drumming, in contrast, is cymbal-heavy and incredibly bright in the mix, as merciless as a ray of piercing sunlight to hung-over eyes. "Rattler" is a downright crusty offering, reeking and wailing for a combative three minutes. Fist-pumping, nearly anthemic closer "Dog's Blood" is a highlight, with a stronger hardcore drive and a more classic punk energy. Blistering, messy and wholly authentic, this is the kind of EP that would sound more appropriate delivered as a puke-soaked cassette tape instead of a sleek download. (Greyskull)