Tanya Gallagher Virginia

Tanya Gallagher Virginia
Delicate folk sounds abound on Tanya Gallagher's new EP, entitled Virginia. Her first release since 2013's Oh My Love and an extensive North American tour, the EP finds Gallagher looking back on tour memories wistfully.
"Southern Soul" is an ode to Gallagher's roots (she was born and raised near the Florida-Alabama border). Country-tinged electric guitar complements her acoustic licks as she sings, "I know that you'll be calling me back again." "Monterrey" is confessional and love-oriented with a simple arrangement, while "A Farewell To Arms" couples religious imagery and romance.
Gallagher's voice is earnest as she masterfully sings long lines that feel as though they capture her stream of consciousness. Her narratives reference her move to Vancouver from Pensacola, Florida in 2013, light guitar chords strummed throughout "The Ship" as she laments a careless long-distance boyfriend. "3002 Miles" concludes the EP, a slower number that serves as an appendix to the previous track. "I just wanted to say fuck you," Gallagher adds softly, as she describes her ex's new relationship. The emotion in her voice is palpable as she couple poignancy with wry humour.
On Virginia, Tanya Gallagher brings listeners along with her on cross-continental travels and invites them to experience the relationship turmoil that distance and change can bring. Her acoustic sound and personal lyrics engage without falling too far into clichés of the genre. (Independent)