Symphony In Peril Lost Memoirs and Faded Pictures

They're being tagged as ex-Zao, but it's really only the dude who sang on Zao's The Splinter Shards the Birth of Separation album, so no biggie. But Symphony In Peril are cool nonetheless, doing a kind of unique and thoroughly smokin' take on metalcore. The elements are nothing new; chugged-out breakdowns, melodies mixed into the chaos, a bit of technical proficiency (which sounds awkwardly forced sometimes) and a smattering of overtly Christian lyrics (I like 'em, same as I like Satanic lyrics in metal). It's all unquestionably sincere, tight and heavy, and the layout, artwork and production are all stellar. Maybe it gets a bit redundant by album's midpoint, but this is still better than most of the metalcore bands out there today. One wonders why this didn't find a home on Solid State, as Symphony In Peril do that label's trademark sound very well. (Facedown)