Superchunk Majesty Shredding

SuperchunkMajesty Shredding
After a nine-year lay-off, preceded by a departure from their core sound, power pop pioneers Superchunk get back to the rock that made them such an inspiring force throughout the '90s. The joy in seeing and hearing Superchunk during their prolific first ten years together had much to do with their unique blend of manic intensity, ultra-clever lyricism and distinctively sensitive touch in making punk rock fun without compromising its dark rawness. When they released Here's to Shutting Up in 2001, Superchunk's tone changed, measuring their boundless energy for more sophisticated, if less visceral, pop experimentation. Majesty Shredding is a return in more ways then one; the band's first album in nine years would be welcome enough, yet its ferocity, hooks and open emotion recall their glory days, even without leader Mac McCaughan's Bruce Springsteen jones on full display for key songs like "Digging for Something" and "Rosemarie." (Merge)