Superchunk A Cup of Sand

A two-disc collection of B-sides is obviously for fans only, but this one — the third such compilation in this band’s long and illustrious career — is purely for die-hards. This focuses mostly on material after 1995, and in the four proper albums they’ve released since then, only the bookends have been particularly notable. In other words, the leftovers aren’t much to write home about. The good news is that the exceptions are the 2001 toss-offs from the excellent Here’s to Shutting Up album, which bodes well for the future. Other than the 1997 seven-inch single "The Majestic,” the other highlights here are acoustic versions ("Detroit Has a Skyline,” "1000 Pounds”) and covers such as David Bowie’s "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps.” The showstoppers are two previously unreleased covers that actually date back to 1992, recorded with Rocket from the Crypt’s John Reis: one of DC hardcore band Government Issue, the other an incredible version of an Adam and the Ants (!) song. Both almost make this essential for any collector, otherwise you have all of this material and should save your money for the DVD this fall. (Merge)