Super Furry Animals Prep Darks Days/Light Years

Super Furry Animals Prep <i>Darks Days/Light Years</i>
At long last, Super Furry Animals have handed in the title for their upcoming new album, which from this day forward will be known as Darks Days/Light Years.

As previously reported, this follow-up to 2007's Hey Venus! is due out on Rough Trade April 21 in North America (April 13 in the UK) and a month earlier on March 16 via the band's website.

According to SFA, Darks Days/Light Years will be "based around riffs and grooves we've been playing around with over the last few years," with the Furries deciding to "leave off the acoustic ballads for the time being."

They also say of the new album: "It's recognisable as a melodic SFA record but is very focused musically as a cohesive album. There's no country rock, as Daf has developed a pedal steel phobia, which has confined the great Nashvillian instrument, along with the saxophone, to the banned instrument directive of the SFA board. There's only one slow number, which isn't slow at all."

In conjunction with the new record, the Furries have also been giving fans a glimpse at the album's final stages through a series of web-only films. For a little over a week, the band have been "screening" a series of Time Code-inspired making-of films on their website, all in hopes of offering up some "Warhol-like observations" and in "celebration of the banal nature of the mixing process," says SFA. We could go on further here and try to explain these little flicks but it's best you check them out for yourself.

According to Fact Magazine, SFA have slightly revised the tracklisting to Darks Days/Light Years, which now reportedly plays like this:

1. "Crazy Naked Girls"
2. "Mt."
3. "Moped Eyes"
4. "Inaugural Trams"
5. "Inconvenience"
6. "Cardiff in the Sun"
7. "The Very Best of Neil Diamond"
8. "Helium Hearts"
9. "White Socks / Flip Flops"
10. "Where Do You Wanna Go?"
11. "Lliwiau Llachar"