Super Furry Animals Document "The Banal Nature of the Mixing Process"

Super Furry Animals Document "The Banal Nature of the Mixing Process"
With Super Furry Animals' ninth album coming up fast, the ever-eccentric Welshmen are giving fans an inside look at the record's final stages through a new series of web-only films.

On the band's website, the Furries began releasing the series of making-ofs this week, which involve the group using four handheld video cameras to shoot footage of them putting the finishing touches on the songs. According to the band, these "Warhol-like observations" are in "celebration of the banal nature of the mixing process" and were inspired by Mike Figgis's 2000 film Time Code, which, like the SFA films, shows four frames of action simultaneously.

You can watch the first of SFA's 21 episodes over at the site, and a new one will be released every day at 8 p.m. GMT during the next few weeks.

However, if you tune in looking for inter-band squabbles and rock'n'roll in-fighting, the band say they hope the events unfold "with as little drama as possible," and you're more liking to see whole chunks of time vanish over slow games of darts or cups of tea as a song is played on repeat 26 times on the mixing console.

As previously reported, Super Furry Animals' yet-untitled record is due out via Rough Trade on April 21 and a month earlier on March 16 via the band's website.

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