{{{Sunset}}} Bright Blue Dream

{{{Sunset}}}Bright Blue Dream
Every so often there comes a record that stops you dead in your tracks, one that makes you sit up, take notice and soak in each and every note. Bright Blue Dream by {{{Sunset}}} is such a record. Formed from the ashes of Austin rockers Sound Team, this new project by songwriter Bill Baird and his loose collective of players showcases modern psychedelia at its finest. Going from melodic pop bliss and twisted backwoods folk to hypnotic headphone symphonies and back again, the sprawling 60-minute album takes an eclectic journey through sound and style. Yet surprisingly, it plays as one entirely cohesive body of work, making it a true album, best consumed in one continuous, headphone-enhanced listen. And while Baird’s inventive arrangements and quick-witted lyrics initially prove to be the main draw, it’s the dense textures and sonic subtleties of his production that keep bringing you back to this ambitious piece of work. Believe it: Bright Blue Dream may be one of the best records 2008 has to offer. (Autobus)